The Story of Capes4Heroes 

Capes4Heroes Founder - Barbara Casados

Barbara Casados’ second son, Maddox is Autistic.  With this comes many challenges, one of which is getting dressed each day.  At the age of 2, he refused to wear anything but a superhero cape.  Rather than struggling through the daily battle, Barbara did what any other mother would do. She bribed him! If he would agree to let her dress him, Maddox would be able to wear his superhero cape for the day. It worked! Soon after that she purchased a sewing machine, taught herself to sew and began making her son every different type of superhero cape imaginable.  He wore his capes everywhere, including to his special needs school.  

Other parents began seeing the impact that the superhero cape had on Maddox and wanted to have one for their child.  They reached out to Barbara and Kiss The Toad Creations. One thing led to another and soon Barbara and her team of amazing seamstresses were making superhero capes for children all over the country. Capes4Heroes®, was officially born!

To date, Capes4Heroes has personalized and delivered over 25,000 capes to children all over the United States, as well as worldwide.  Heroes have received their capes at superhero parties, camps, hospitals and elsewhere.  


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