Amy Scribner Patterson

"Please consider donating a SUPERHERO cape to a child with a Life Threatening Medical Condition! I personally know the Mom that started this organization and she works solely on the generosity and donations from others to help her give every one of these children a chance to realize the mission of Capes4Heroes which is to encourage and recognize the REAL SUPERHEROS in this world~ these children~ and then provide each one of them with their own “SUPERHERO CAPE”! She has Cape Crusaders from all over the country that hand sew each cape with LOVE ♥, then her Ambassadors throw HUGE superhero parties for these children at the Ronald McDonald Houses around the country to personally “cape” each child by their favorite superhero! She also spends countless hours away from her own little boys and family to personally present capes to some of the sickest superheros :) The cost to sponsor a cape and the mission of Capes4Heroes is SO small in comparison with the unimaginable Hope, Strength, and Courage you see as each cape transforms these children from extraordinary to SUPER-EXTRAORDINARY! It is almost as if these capes give these children something that was already present within them, something that only the “CAPE” has the power achieve! Please SPONSOR a Superhero TODAY!”