Jacob Goeders, aka The Leukemia Slayer

“Hello, my name is Jacob Goeders, but most people know me as The Leukemia Slayer! On December 2, 2010 when I was 9 years old I was diagnosed with Leukemia. I will be in treatment until March 14, 2014. I think every kid with cancer needs a SUPERHERO name, so I came up with The Leukemia Slayer, and it stuck! One day my little brother and I got a SUPERHERO CAPE from Capes4Heroes. I thought it was perfect for a kid like me because it reminds me that I am strong and will kick cancers butt!! I was happy my brother got one too because sometimes he misses out on stuff because of my cancer. I think the SUPERHERO CAPES are awesome because it helps kids like me feel strong and they show the world we are real super heroes fighting cancer! Thank you Capes4Heroes, YOU ROCK!