Volunteer Information

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“Thank you for your interest in sewing for Capes4Heroes. We are beyond thrilled to have your support. I personally wanted to thank each and everyone of you for reaching out and asking for more information on our volunteer seamstress program.  Please be sure to read the FAQs in its entirety as there is valuable information including any and all costs associated with being a volunteer.

After reading the FAQ’s below, we hope you join our team of Superhero Seamstresses. The need for capes is growing and our team of volunteers have been working their tails off but have found ourselves needing more help.  Please read the FAQ’s below and let us know if you have any additional questions.”

Thank you in advance,
Barbara Casados

Volunteer FAQs

What is the starting process?

The first step is for you to read and accept the "Volunteer Agreement and Release of Liability"  form. You can mail the completed and signed form to P.O. BOX 3741 San Ramon, CA 94583 or email the completed form to info@capes4heroes.com. Once we receive that signed document we will send you 1 cape kit to make and return within 30 days. This kit will make 2 capes. Once our Seamstress manager reviews the capes she will send you any feedback via email or phone call on the capes you made. 

What is the commitment to be a seamstress?

Once step one is completed we will send you a min of 3 kits to complete within a month. If you want more kits for any reason or you are part of a seamstress group that is not a problem at all we will gladly send you more. The more the merrier. We just ask that whatever we send you that you complete and return within 30 days. If The reason we ask for this commitment is to help us track what is coming in so that we can give the children the best estimate on when they will receive their cape. 

Where do the capes made go?

All capes are either shipped to those on our waiting list or delivered to Children’s Hospitals we have agreements with. We work with hospitals all over the United States.

Can I hand deliver the capes I make?

At this time all capes made must be shipped back to us to be entered into our inventory system and go through approval prior to being sent out to children. Once a year we do a large Crusade where we deliver capes to hospitals in different locations within the US. If you live near one of these locations you are welcome to join us. It is extremely important that you do NOT give out any capes without Capes4Heroes approval. Please do not take it upon yourself to hand deliver capes to a hospital in your area or any children as this could potentially harm our organization and we could lose our nonprofit status.  

What costs will I be responsible for? 

We supply you with everything you need except the sewing machine and the thread. We will cover the shipping of the kits but do require you to pay for the shipping back to us. We are a very small non profit with limited resources. With that being said, we are an IRS approved 501C3 which means all out of pocket expenses are tax deductible by using our tax id- 46-1090634. 

For those of you that asked about monetary donations thank you! You can make your tax deductible donation online at www.capes4heroes.com/donate-today. Your donation makes a huge difference and allows us to continue our mission of caping very deserving heroes.W

What are the next steps?

If you are interested, please agree to the terms by completing the "Volunteer Agreement and Release of Liability" and send us the completed form at info@capes4heroes.com. You may complete the electronic form or you may print the form, complete the form, and scan the completed copy. Once we receive the signed document, we send out your first cape kit.